INMERSA-XR  provides  both  custom Live-Action & Streaming, Virtual Production, Extended Reality and Augmented reality. Emphasizing in both Green Screen volumes as well as LED Volumes with real-time hardware and software control for virtual production projects.


Our volumes are designed and engineered by a team of seasoned professionals utilizing the most cutting-edge technology. Our team of tech guru's our ready to provide experience and expertise to work on the most demanding projects, such as live event's, virtual concerts and festivals, commercials, advertisement & film.

Our sophisticated setups include LED Walls (and Ceilings) with Camera tracking systems and real-time hardware & software packages. All housed in the heart of Mexico City.


INMERSA-XR is the result of a mind blowing joint venture of both leading companies in Mexico City's blooming CGI industry.

Both Cinetica Studio & Detonante Films bring to the table a full range of skillsets allowing the production of complete projects, from Motion Capture, 3D Modeling, Digital Compositing, Virtual Production and Extended Reality, we embrace  our projects  since their  initial experience and storytelling concept to their execution.


We are a group of Creative Directors, Projection Designers and  Producers.  

We specialize in experiential content from effect to affect, visuality is our medium. We animate ideas and audiencesWe take you from the story board  to opening night and beyond

We bring your image to life, we create experiences, memories.

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Clients & Collaborators