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Motion Capture.

At Cinietica we breathe mocap. Our founders have a refined sensitivity not only for motion capture but for performance capture as well, elevating our capture volume to become a blank canvas capable of creating the most mesmerizing pieces of art. 

Motion capture (or mocap) allows you to capture a talent's performance and precise movements to later transport them as data onto a 3D skeleton (or rig), such as an avatar. In other words, mocap brings to life a digital character, applying real life movements to virtual beings. 

Currently, mocap is used in movies, video games, and online content, mainly to cut down on animation time and to capture the essence of real life movements into the digital world.

Cinetica offers both in-studio and portable services using inertial and optical systems. The crew consists mostly of a supervisor, a director, and an artist. 


We will guide you throughout your project and manage the entire process, from the initial planning of the capture shoot right through to the final animation clean-ups.

  • From ideation, to the capture, solving, and exportation. 

  • Basic and exclusive e-motes.

  • Re-targeting. (applying moves to your avatar)

  • Portable mocap services.

  • Packages of e-motes for content creation. 

  • Exclusive moves for music videos or any kind of featured content.

  • Studio rent including technical crew.


We deliver the final data in any industry standard format such as FBX, BVH or Maya.

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rental services.

hardware purchase.

Cinetica is the only official distributor for NOITOMS motion capture systems in Latin America. We offer door to door shipping and consulting during your entire purchase journey.


Small, Lightweight and Powerful

Perception Neuron 3 features an ultra-small wireless inertial sensor that weighs just 4.1 grams, making it the smallest in the Perception Neuron motion capture lineup to date, making motion more flexible and unburdened.


Mocap like a pro


Perception Neuron Studio uses ultra-high precision aerospace-grade sensor calibration, improves the measurement range of the sensor, optimizes the way the sensor is worn, and provides high-precision pure inertial capture at the dynamic level of professional athletes that is unattainable using traditional pure inertial motion capture equipment



A complete Virtual Production Solution

NoitomVPS is fully integrated with the Unreal Engine Pipeline, offering state-of-the-art virtual camera tracking, object tracking, full body, hand motion, and facial capture integration.

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