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At Cinetica we understand that the 2D world we knew for some time is over, and we are entering a 3D era where immersive experiences will be the new normal. Therefore, our in-house team of artists specialize in the creation of 3D environments. 


Any space you can imagine, we can create it! We do so by combining different tools such as Lidar and Structured Light scanners, together with photogrammetry which allows us to recreate and manipulate in real-time key elements such as seasons, sunlight, and even pedestrians all inside the Unreal Engine.

Virtual worlds are fully controlled environments that can be altered at any time. Currently, virtual worlds are being used in video-games, music videos, commercials and metaverses. 

Among our services:

  • Video game levels 

  • 3D world for video-music

  • Background for online content

  • Environment design for immersive experiences

  • Level design for Virtual Production

  • Lidar Sensors

  • Structured Light Scanning

  • Photogrammetry 

  • Asset optimization

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