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Cinética Digital Media Studio, S.A. de C.V. , is a commercial
company, of Mexican nationality, duly constituted in accordance with the laws of the United
Mexican States, with address at Gutenberg number 51, Verónica Anzúres, Miguel Hidalgo, Zip
Code 11300, Mexico City.

The Company provides digital media content, more specifically, the development and creation of
3D avatars,virtual worlds, motion capture and virtual production (hereinafter "the Services").

Based on articles 15, 16, 17 and other correlative and applicable articles of the Federal Law on
Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter,  the "Law"), the Company makes
available to its customers and/or users (hereinafter, the "Owner") this privacy notice (hereinafter,
the "Privacy Notice"), in their capacity as holders of the personal data that may be collected by the
Company in the provision of the Services, which will be treated confidentially and securely
(hereinafter, the "Personal Data").

It is important that the Owner reads this Privacy Notice to understand the considerations and
policies of the Company in relation to their Personal Data, as well as the treatment that will be
given to them.

The Company may collect the Personal Data of the Holder, indicating, among others, those related
to their personal identification, contact information, labor data, as well as financial information.
The express consent of the Owner is necessary for the processing of Personal Data which may be
collected indirectly through third parties and/or public access sources permitted by Law, when

I. Personal Data of the Owner

In order for the Company Party to carry out the purposes described in this Privacy Notice, it will
request and use the following Personal Data, when required:
      ● Identification data: Information concerning a natural person which allows differentiating it
from others in a community, such as: name, , autograph and electronic signature, Federal
Taxpayers Code (RFC), Population Registry Code (CURP), place and date of birth, nationality,
age, company information, among others.
      ● Contact data: Information that allows to maintain or contact the Owner, whose data may be,
but not limited to: address, email, landline, cell phone, and others.

II. Purpose of the processing of Personal Data

In terms of those established by the Law, as well as by the Regulation of the Federal Law on
Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter, the "Regulation"), the Personal
Data that the Holder provides to the Company, will be used for the following purposes:
a) To enhance customer relationship and provide tailor-made solutions to clients.
b) For the creation, integration, study, analysis, verification and updating of your file, for
specialized virtual development.
c) To prepare statistics and reports relating to the Services provided by the Company.
Additionally, the Company will use the Personal Data of the Owner for the purposes set out below,
although these are not necessary for the provision of the Services, but they do allow the Company
to provide the Owner with better attention, pointing out among others, the following:
a) To send information related to the new services offered due to the virtual developments
implemented by the Company.
b) To send opinion articles and best practices related to innovations in advertising and virtual
developments implemented by the Company.
It is important to note that, if the Owner does not want his or her Personal Data to be processed
for the additional purposes described in the previous paragraph, the Company, in no case may
deny the provision of Services requested by the Owner.

III. ARCO Rights of the User/Owner
In terms of the provisions of articles 22, 23, 24, 25, 28 and 29 of the Law, the Owner has the right
to access, rectify or cancel or oppose the publication or use of their Personal Data at any time, as
      ● Access: Know which Personal Data is in the hands of the Company, what it will be used for,
and the use given to it.
      ● Rectification: Request the correction of Personal Data in case they are outdated,
inaccurate or incomplete.
      ● Cancellation: Request the elimination of the Personal Data from the records or databases
of the Company, when considered that they are not being used properly.
      ● Opposition: Oppose the use of the Personal Data for a specific purpose.
In this sense, the Owner can carry out the process of access, rectification and / or cancellation of
his or her Personal Data, as well as the opposition to the processing thereof or, if appropriate, the
revocation of the consent that for this purpose he or she has granted to the Company, the latter
must send a request to the following email address, which must contain

the full name, email address and other contact information of the Owner, in addition to indicating
clearly and precisely the right desired to be exercised and under which terms it is wished to do so.
In this case, the Company will answer to the Owner to the email address indicated by him in the
previous paragraph within a period of fifteen working days after the date on which the Company
has received said request from the Holder.

IV. Means to limit the use and disclosure of Personal Data
The Personal Data of the Owner will be kept in strict confidentiality, in accordance to the security,
administrative, technical and physical measures that the Company Party implements for this
purpose in its security policies and procedures, being prohibited its illicit disclosure and limiting its
use for third parties, in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Notice.

V. Changes to this Privacy Notice
This Privacy Notice may undergo modifications, changes and/or updates derived from new legal or
regulatory requirements, privacy practices, changes in the business model, as well as the
Companys own commercial needs, derived from the products and/or Services offered and

The modifications, changes and/or updates suffered by this Privacy Notice, may be viewed by the
Owner through the website of the Company, which can be found in the following link

The Company will not limit the rights of the Owner in accordance with this Privacy Notice without
the express consent of the same.

This Privacy Notice will be enforced from the date of its publication on the Internet page and/or
the means designated for this purpose by the Company.

By accepting and making use of the products and/or Services offered by the Company, it is
understood that the Owner has read this Privacy Notice and agrees to the scope and content

Privacy Policy

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