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We Breathe Mocap.

At Cinetica we breathe mocap. Our founders have a refined sensitivity not only for motion capture but for performance capture as well, elevating our capture volume to become a blank canvas capable of creating the most mesmerizing pieces of art. 

What is Motion Capture...

Motion capture (or mocap) allows you to capture a talent's performance and precise movements to later transport them as data onto a 3D skeleton (or rig), such as an avatar. In other words, mocap brings to life a digital character, applying real life movements to virtual beings. 

Currently, mocap is used in movies, video games, and online content, mainly to cut down on animation time and to capture the essence of real life movements into the digital world.

Cinetica offers both in-studio and portable services using inertial and optical systems. The crew consists mostly of a supervisor, a director, and an artist. 

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We will guide you throughout your project and manage the entire process, from the initial planning of the capture shoot right through to the final animation clean-ups.

  • From ideation, to the capture, solving, and exportation. 

  • Basic and exclusive e-motes.

  • Re-targeting. (applying moves to your avatar)

  • Portable mocap services.

  • Packages of e-motes for content creation. 

  • Exclusive moves for music videos or any kind of featured content.

  • Studio rent including technical crew.

Motion capture, virtual avatars, virtual production, unreal engine, 3d animation, videogames, motion capture mexico, 3d content, animated content, artificial intelligence, ai, inteligencia artificial

3D Avatars and Digital Doubles

Your Alter Ego in the Metaverse.

We craft custom solutions based on your project.

The avatar economy is here to stay and at Cinetica we are ready to help you be part of it. Our in-house artists specialize in both fictional and photo-real character modelling - created either from scan data, reference images or concept art. Combined with high resolution texture maps, pore-level definition, sweat and natural blemishes are at the heart of realism in 3D, and it is this artistry which we have refined over the years. 

Full character development

We begin by defining the characters' psychology and background story. Our team of concept artists will sketch out the initial designs of the characters' look and feel. Once that is set, we will begin to bring the characters' essence to life through color and material selection. Once the 2D concept art phase is complete, we are ready to introduce our 3D artists to the process. Riggers, animators, modelers, and sculptors take over to ensure that your expectations are met.

Our services include the full development of realistic skin textures both with, and without, the use of a 3D scanner, which means our clients can expect realism in a fictional (or even deceased) 3D creation.

The Golden Hour Stopped Lasting Just One Hour.

Virtual Worlds

Any space you can imagine, we can create it! We do so by combining different tools such as Lidar and Structured Light scanners, together with photogrammetry which allows us to recreate and manipulate in real-time key elements such as seasons, sunlight, and even pedestrians all inside the Unreal Engine.

At Cinetica we understand that the 2D world we knew for some time is over, and we are entering a 3D era where immersive experiences will be the new normal. Therefore, our in-house team of artists specialize in the creation of 3D environments. 

The only limit is your imagination

Virtual worlds are fully controlled environments that can be altered at any time. Currently, virtual worlds are being used in video-games, music videos, commercials and metaverses.

  • Video game levels 

  • 3D worlds for music videos

  • Background for online content

  • Environment design for immersive experiences

  • Level design for Virtual Production

  • Lidar Sensors

  • Structured Light Scanning

  • Photogrammetry 

  • Asset optimization

Virtual Production

Storytelling Will Never be the Same.

Time, space or seasons are no longer limitations to unleash your creativity.

Cinetica specializes in experiential content from effect to affect, we animate ideas and audiences through emotion. We take clients from the storyboard to the streaming of a long-lasting   piece of high impact content.

At Cinetica we see a bright future for the content creation industry as a whole, having this technology allowing content makers to unleash creativity. Virtual production takes storytelling to the next level by enhancing the creative process, and increasing efficiency in a more controlled environment. The technology is currently being used by filmmakers and high impact content creators, but soon will be in every screen.

We provide both custom Live-Action & Streaming Virtual Production, Extended Reality and Augmented reality. Emphasizing in both Green Screen volumes and LED Volumes with real-time hardware, software and camera tracking for full control of any virtual environment.

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