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With so many possibilities you may be wondering how is all of this relevant to your industry. Dont worry, we got many examples of succes cases with clients across a huge variety of industries.

The Era of Disruption is Here.


Our team of artists is dedicated to creating fresh and appealing visual content that speaks to users of all ages. 


As consumers, we are deeply interested in creating meaningful content that results in a positive impact.  Corona, Motorola, Mercado Pago and many more have trusted  cineticas capabilities allowing us to provide a range of services that adapt our studios offer to suit the very specific needs of each customer.

When speaking about video games a wide range of possibilities exists. We are focused on the creation of weather cinematics or in game content. With motion capture and 3D characters, we are able to bring your story to life through real time game engines such as Unreal Engine. 


Cinética is the motion capture studio for the upcoming AAA video game called Mictlan, an ancient mythical tale that takes place in mesoamerica during the prehispanic era.


From Bad bunny to Snoop Dogg, we have collaborated in numerous music videos creating 3D avatars , motion capture and digital assets for one of the most passionate industries. 


We have had the honor of working with some of the biggest names in the music scene including latin american pop stars Danna Paola and Sebastian Yatra creating their avatars, virtual worlds and performance capture. Whether for a music video or a metaverse real time performance, we create 3D experiences.

Music Videos

From digital models to garment simulations we produce virtual haute couture.


Morphing top fashion brands creations into the virtual space, world known top  fashion brands like Philipp Plein and  Gucci have commissioned us in collaboration with the legendary 3D artist Antoni tudisco to the creation of exclusive NFT´s  and virtual fashion shows that live in the metaverse.


Whether you are seeking for motion capture, digital doubles, cartoon characters or fantastical creatures, our studio can handle all aspects of your 3D production, bringing your wildest concepts to a digital reality. Our most recent project named “Bardo” was commissioned and produced in collaboration with the academy award winning director Alejandro González Iñarritu.


Cinética sees no walls, we are a constellation of spaces, people, platforms, ideas and storytellers with one goal, creating a positive impact on humanity.


We strive to provide consumer oriented experiences enhanced through emotions. Cinética is proud to be an experiential studio with the best in house production talent.



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