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Cinética Digital Media Studio. 

Mexico City Based. 

Established in 2018 in Mexico City, Cinética Studio was co-Founded by Jonathan Mehraban (Digital Media technologies & Coder) & Lionelle Mehraban (Architect and Coder)  as a Mixed Media Studio that envisions it´s projects as disruptive, transcendental and immersive. Always offering their clients a full spectrum of high end tech solutions. 

We focus our vision towards the use of the most advanced means in order to always deliver outstanding and highly detailed projects. It is our belief, that by centering our efforts in creating and developing new tools as well as methods of representation, that we can establish ourselves above of our competitors.

Inertial motion capture data.

This groundbreaking development enables inertial motion capture anywhere, anytime, with clean, production quality, reliable data and all without the need for a volume or sensor cameras!

Inertial motion capture systems capture the full six degrees of freedom body motion of a human in real-time. 

What we Do.Who we Are.

Our Collaborators.


Motion Capture
2D & 3D animation
Video editing
Virtual Reality
Interior Architecture
Architecture rendering
Data Visualisation
Video mapping
Web / App development
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About us.

Arch. Lionelle Mehraban

Master Degree in Creative Coding & Design

Centro de diseño, cine y televisión


IG  @liomeh

Eng. Jonathan Mehraban

Postgraduate  Degree in Digital Media & Motion Capture 

Centro de diseño, cine y televisión


IG  @jonmehra

Why we do it. 

Vision & Mission. 

Curiosity comes in first hand, motivating us to always want to explore new fields, allowing us to present astonishing and unprecedented results. We strongly believe that as humans, we must leave a footprint on Earth, projects that can last far more than time, it is our goal to develop results that are able to travel among space and time, therefore they become Immortal Projects. 

We are all about creating projects that surpass the human experience and that create new atmospheres for us as human beings to interact under new environments for ultimately delivering to our users disruptive memories. We collaborate with multidisciplinary artists and creatives all around the globe, in order to obtain multi-cultural results. 

Cinetica Studio is the only official distributor of Noitom Int., cutting-edge high-definition inertial system in Latin America, we focus on precision motion capture and 3D tracking systems for Digital Animation, Content Creation, Visual Effets, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.

Clients & Collaborations.

Contact us. 

We are more than happy to answer all your questions. For collaborations  please contact us by email.
Tel: + 52 1 (55) 6271 9689 
Los Angeles office:
13914 Bora Bora Way 
Marina Del Rey Ca 90292 U.S.A
Mexico City Headquarters:
Fuente de templanza 83, col. San Miguel Tecamachalco, Naucalpan de Juárez. C.p 52789. Ciudad de México