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Cinetica is a digital media studio based in the heart of Mexico City, specialized in motion capture, 3D Avatars, 3D world creation and Virtual production. Founded in 2020 by two brothers who are each leaders in their respecive fields, and who also share a passion for technology and content production.


One of Mexico City´s most reputable, creative, tech-savvy and agile studios, Cinetica has produced high impact content for well-known filmmakers, brands, and artists all across the world.

At Cinetica Studio, every artist is an expert, which enables us to fully understand the breadth of our projects from both a creative and technical standpoint while providing  in-house solutions.

Inhale creativity, exhale disruption.

Our Services.

It is becoming more and more clear that brands and artists need to tell stories in disruptive ways in order to get their thoughts across.

For the integration of new media technologies in the Film, Music Videos, Video Games, Fashion, Entertainment, and Web3 industries, our business creates end-to-end solutions, delivering doable, affordable, and in-depth content to the next wave of customers.


Inertial and optical mocap services. On site or portable.


Virtual Characters suitable for online content and virtual environments.


Highly detailed virtual worlds to be featured offline, online and on chain.


The future of storytelling through real time engines.

Clients & Collaborators.

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