Company Overview.

Cinetica Studio is a boutique digital media studio based in Mexico City, Co-Founded by both brothers, Jonathan Mehraban (Digital Media technologies & Coder) & Lionelle Mehraban (Architect and Coder)  as a Mixed Media Studio that envisions it´s projects as disruptive, boundless and immersive. Constantly breaking the boundaries with unique creative services and pieces for  numerous clients across the world.

Currently partnered with Noitom Intl. our Motion Capture services focus on the usage  of Inertial systems as our primary tool of animation. 

By crystallizing  Cinetica's core in Motion Capture, our generalist approach allows us to create sophisticated visual taste that combines with our unique solutions. Cinetica Studio transports it´s viewers into a everlasting yet delicate and detailed world. Using the most advanced software and hardware technology to always deliver arousing and highly detailed projects.

Working along with top brands, celebrities and artists,  the studio has delivered countless creative solutions that are widely acclaimed all across the globe.

Vision & Mission.

As a professional studio, Cinetica Studio is dedicated

to provide top quality creative services to clients across

the world. Throughout the years, the studio has provided countless creative solutions in producing CG content for advertising, music video, brand design and more.

Every member of Cinetica Studio is a generalist, allowing

them to grasp the full scale of a project from both the

creative and technological perspective, integrating ideas

into a solid creative plan.

The studio works delivering as a creative consultancy, providing ideas and plans as well as clear executions. 

We are all about creating projects that surpass the  human experience and that create new atmospheres 

for us as human beings to interact under new environments  and as a result creating  disruptive memories.

Our Studio in Mexico City have an in-house dedicated network of heavy duty workstations both for GPU rendering and real time rendering, as well as highly detailed simulations. High-end hardware equipment not only makes the large scale production inhouse possible, but also gives all the creators the freedom to focus on unlocking their creativity. We collaborate with multidisciplinary artists and creatives  all around the globe, in order to obtain multi-cultural results. 

Lionelle Mehraban

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Jonathan Mehraban

Co-Founder & Mocap Director

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